Diwali 2014 Wallpapers: Download Latest Diwali Wallpapers

Happy Diwali Wallpapers (New)

As of writing this article, Diwali is just 15 days away. The enthusiasm is building up gradually. While the diwali 2014 is still 15 days away from now, people have stated looking for diwali 2014 wallpapers so they can dress up their desktop with new colors. The diwali is the festival of colors and lights. In fact, this is what piqued our mind and inspired us to share some of the best diwali rangoli designs that you can make use of. Usually, people prefer to draw rangoli on diwali or the very next day to welcome gods and good power. In an ideal situation, young generation prefers to decorate not only home but their desktop as well. In such scenario some of the beautiful diwali 2014 images will help you a lot.

Diwali brings jauntiness and bliss to people. Diwali is the emblem of good conviction lying in people’s heart that prevails on Earth and brings joy to their life. Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi are deeply worshiped in each and every shelter in India on this festival. It is alleged that the money Goddess (Laxmi) arrives at the home of people who worship her with full faith. Good fortunes are brought by Lord Ganesha on this festival.

Diwali unites the people of various religions, beliefs, race, and caste. It brings back the opulence in relations and in the heart of people. The festival of lights is celebrated with tranquility and ecstasy all over the India. People exchange the gifts and good wishes quotes, messages, greetings, wallpapers etc. with each other.

Diwali 2014 Wallpapers Collection

Let me show you some of the trending diwali wallpapers (2014 collection)  to decorate your desktop and PC.

Note: Click on the image for a larger preview. Just do a right mouse click and then save image option to download these stunning diwali wallpapers on your desktop. You know the drill.

Diwali is a festival of diyas. This wallpaper depicts the same. A beautiful happy diwali wallpapers consisting of diyas and flower petals.

diwali wallpaper 2013

A high quality diwali image of diyas. Wish a happy diwali to all your family members and friends with this wallpaper.

diwali wallpapers

People worship lord Ganesh, Ridhhi and Siddhi. They provide us wealth and health. The following diwali wallpaper passes the same message. Greet your family members a good wealth and health with this stunningly beautiful wallpaper.

lord ganesha diwali wallpaper

It is rightly said that the diwali is a festival of colors. Vibrant colors have been used in this stunning wallpaper.

happy diwali image 2013

Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after the 14 long years of expel.  He brought a peace and wealth in Ayodhya.

diwali 2013 picture

A stunning diwali wallpaper indeed. Simplicity at its best.

happy diwali wallpaper 2013

In India, people greet each other by sending gift or sweets. The following picture shows a good use of sweets to lighten your heart.

new diwali hd photo

Firecrackers and busters are  the main attraction of deepavali. A dazzling time lies ahead. Why not send the same message to your beloved ones with this image.

diwali wallpaper 2013

Diwali 2014 wallpapers are extensively exchanged before the festival among people. It is actually very complicated to decide the best wallpaper to be sent to our loved ones. Wallpapers and e-cards are the most effective way to send your Diwali blessings to your relatives and friends. We have collected the best Diwali wallpapers for you to send your blessings to the loved ones.

Hope you loved the diwali 2014 wallpapers collected from different sources by great efforts of our team. Send your loved ones the best wishes and blessings and show how much you love and remember them.

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